Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ch. 11 - Developing and Managing Products

Sephora’s new product strategy include Disney’s “ Cinderella” collection by Sephora. This collection is a brand new innovative product that women, identifies with from their childhood.  At some point in their life every little girl dreams about being a Disney princess. The beautiful castle, handsome prince charming and happily ever after, is all too enchanting to not believe all the magic will happen in the future. Then, you grow up, reality sets in, and you realize life is not a big fairytale; yet, you can still always dream. And, what better way to channel your childhood princess memories than by using makeup? SEPHORA and Disney Consumer Products have teamed up to create a series of beauty collections focused on the individual style, personality and story of a featured Disney Princess. This fall, they have chosen to focus on Cinderella with a collection of color cosmetics, fragrances and accessories inspired by the 1950 Disney classic animated film “Cinderella.” During its initial test market early fall, the collection sold out within hours on Sephora’s website. With names like Midnight Hour and Moonlit Kiss, the colors in the makeup palette evoke the wintry feel of the movie, while being whimsical and dreamy. This collection is limited. 

                                Disney's "Cinderella"collection by Sephora

                      Storylook Eyeshadow Palette

              Midnight Hour Eye Shadow Palette

                     Compact Mirror


                                    Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set

                  A Brush With Fate Nail Polish Set


                So This Is Love... 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

      Ch. 16 -  Integrated Marketing Communications

Sephora has made a name for itself as one of the most actively engaging brands in the industry by emphasizing its customer-loyalty program and giving in-store customers hands-on access to all of its products. Sephora was one of the first beauty marketers to embrace online initiatives and eagerly continues to take advantage of new technologies.
To publicize their company even more Sephora  uses the channel of Print advertising  such as the brand’s seasonal catalogs still have a very important place within Sephora’s marketing advertising strategy, but digital advertising is quickly gaining ground as an effective way to reach on-the-go consumers. Sephora aims to give clients easy access to beauty information by utilizing and combing all available marketing outlets, including targeted E-mails, Facebook and Twitter pages, an iPhone app and a mobile website.
Sephora also uses personal selling as a chance to interact with a customer, by letting a makeup artist explain how the makeup is used and what exactly is suitable for the client, so the client is influenced to buy as much products as the client needs.
Sephora communicates with their consumers through mass communication such as E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Sephora apps and their website. Also Sephora communicates interpersonally with their customers by having them come into stores and asking as many questions they like with no limitations. Advancing technology in the world has allowed Sephora to reach unprecedented heights in consumer engagement, and has provided tangible customer feedback for future marketing and product development.
Clients have  submitted more than 1 million product reviews on and 1.2 million Sephora Facebook fans engage with the company each day.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

CH. 10 – Product Concepts

 Sephora is a unique concept that keeps on reinventing the desire to live beauty since 1970. It excels at finding creative brands, highlighting trends, shaping aesthetic codes and administering tailor-made advice. It offers freedom to stroll, feel, and experiment. It stimulates emotion by initiating the pleasure of learning, combined with the discovery of a unique shopping experience. With its original products, innovative services and daring communication, Sephora constantly celebrates audacity whilst paving the way for modernity. Sephora usually focuses on “shopping product” which is a product that requires comparison shopping because it is usually more expensive than a convenience product that is found in fewer stores. There is brand loyalty to many of the brands that Sephora sells in stores and online, where as customers tend to favor one brand over the other, Sephora has this advantage because they carry a huge variety of brands thus satisfying all their customers.Sephora carries its own cosmetic line in stores and online, along with other globally recognized brands. Sephora carries hundreds of luxury brands, some of the globally recognized  luxury brands that are sold by Sephora are, LancĂ´me, Yves Saint Laurent, TARINA TARANTINO, Urban Decay, Make up Forever, Hourglass, Korres, LORAC, llamasqua, Guerlain, Clinique, Benefit Cosmetics.

                                 MAKE UP FOREVER

                                             YVES SAINT LAURENT


                                                          URBAN DECAY