Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ch. 17 - Advertising and Public Relations 

When you're a product company that sells in a highly competitive market like the beauty industry, you focus on impeccable service. Sephora specializes in selling higher-priced cosmetics and fragrances in ways intended to be significantly different from the conventional methods of department stores. For instance, at Sephora's 219 stores in Europe and the United States, products are arranged alphabetically rather than segregated by manufacturer, the popular promotional tool known as ''gift with purchase'' has been eliminated and customers are encouraged to sample items like lipstick, eye shadow etc. Sephora uses massive advertising campaigns to further exceed their impressive sales. Sephora also uses product advertising, which publicize the benefits of specific products.  
In one of their product advertisement Sephora used a rather suggestive image to highlight the benefits of an anti aging product line “Super” by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. Some may argue that the image was inappropriate for young women who initially the advertisement was aimed at for preventing aging; but at it proves time and time again sex sells.
Suggestive ad 

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