Friday, September 7, 2012

 Ch. 2 - Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage

Sephora has always been ahead of trends and this innovative beauty retailer has targeted social media as its marketing strategy. Sephora’s marketing research found that 50% of women use their mobile for purchases and checking email every day. All of the social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest and YouTube have brought a whole new meaning to interactive customer shopping. Johnna Marcus is the marketing director of Sephora, started out on a mission to totally revamp Sephora’s wesite and now a newly launched and optimized website is truly a dynamic user experience. Reviews, how-to videos, inspirational beauty boards, and a forum dedicated to beauty are just a few ways Sephora has united the voice of the socially connected consumer on their website.Most recently, Sephora established “Pin It” buttons on all of their web and mobile product page to allow for quick and easy sharing on Pinterest. Also on Instagram Sephora gives their customers an exclusive behind the scenes view of the empire with snapshots and tutorials. They have more than  35,000 followers on Instagram to date. Sephora has also developed their own app which have been downloaded over 5 million times and their mobile sales saw a 300% increase in 2011.  Their YouTube channel has over 11 million views to date. Sephora’s marketing plan took years to complete and has the competitive advantage of other beauty retailers who have not yet taken a step into the technological future.

Launching of Sephora's new website.

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