Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ch. 4 - The Marketing Environment

Sephora's number one priority has always been customer satisfaction; and so they have implemented a number of steps to ensure their customers are always happy and satisfied with their shopping experience. Further expanding the Sephora experience, for instance in 2009-10 Sephora realized that smart phones and other similar devices were here to stay. They also realized that customers wanted product reviews and were spending more time online. Sephora designed “Sephora to Go,” a mobile friendly website that can be accessed by  the majority of smart phones. Heavily  accessed by thousands of customers, “Sephora to Go” offers product reviews and ratings on all their products. Sephora continued to harness the power of technology  by creating a “Sephora to Go” iPhone application in October 2010. Earning 4.5 stars by users on iTunes, the iPhone app further expands the “Sephora to Go” mobile site by  offering customers the ability  to purchase products, view and purchase new products, view special mobile offers, get advice from other Sephora fans on Facebook, watch videos, access product ratings and reviews, look up past purchases, create a gift registry, and scan product barcodes to quickly pull up product information. 

Finally, in July 2011, Sephora completed the design and distribution of their iPad application.The iPad app was a smart decision on behalf Sephora because unlike their mobile website or iPhone app, it “features live beauty news from Sephora╩╝s Facebook and Twitter feeds, its Beauty Talk community.

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